Attentive Pet Surgical Care

Veterinary Surgery

It’s natural for owners to feel some trepidation when their pets undergo surgery. Count on Pound Ridge Veterinary Center to give your pets the attentive care and support they need during this time.

Surgical Skill

Our team of veterinarians is experienced in treating a wide variety of patients. We routinely perform surgeries on dogs, cats, exotic pets, and small mammals. In cases of complex or specialized surgery, we may recommend transfer to a local specialty referral hospital. Whether we perform the surgery personally or refer it, we always work toward ensuring the best outcome for your pet.

Pound Ridge Veterinary Center specializes in general surgeries on an outpatient basis. Generally, patients return home for the evening to recover comfortably in familiar surroundings.

More complex surgeries may require intensive care monitoring and, when that occurs, we recommend transfer for 24-hour attention. In cases where movement should be restricted to facilitate comfort and hasten healing, particularly after orthopedic surgeries, we may advise overnight hospitalization at Pound Ridge.

A Commitment to Safety

Surgery patients are carefully evaluated and monitored by our experienced professional staff throughout the surgical process. Every patient undergoes a careful physical and baseline laboratory evaluation before any anesthetic is administered. The anesthetics used are specifically tailored to the needs of your pet and the type of procedure. Patients are monitored by a technician anesthetist using advanced technology to track EKG, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure throughout the surgery.

Preserving the Human–Animal Bond

As animal lovers ourselves, we pledge to provide the best possible surgical and anesthetic care for your pet. We best express our love for animals by providing our patients with the physical comfort and security they deserve.

Rely on us to honor the bond between you and your pets. We want what you want: to return our patients to active life with you, in the safety and comfort of home.

Contact us to learn more about our surgical services offered at our Pound Ridge location.