Preventive Care = Good Health

Pet Preventive Care

Regular pet wellness visits are an important way you can safeguard your animal’s health. It is sometimes difficult for pet owners to know when something is amiss, particularly with exotic pets. Rely on our experience to help you prevent disease and support wellness in your pets.

Periodic pet exams allow us to assess your pet’s general health and to identify any problems before they worsen into something more serious. These checkups allow us to identify problems early and correct or control developing health issues.

Pet Wellness

Our animals age at a very different rate from us. If you consider that every year for a dog or cat is equivalent to about seven human years, regular exams make a lot of sense. We recommend that your pets receive a wellness exam at least annually, and more often in their senior years.

What you can expect at a wellness visit for your dog or cat:

  • A thorough physical exam—We inspect your pet from nose to tail; check the skin, fur, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and abdomen; carefully listen to the heart and lungs; and check weight and overall body condition.
  • Vaccinations—We make recommendations based on your pet’s species, age, and lifestyle.
  • Blood tests—We recommend these tests at least annually for dogs and cats, especially those older than seven years. They provide a normal baseline for your pet and help detect changes in organ function that can be addressed by medication or adjustments to diet and lifestyle.
  • Heartworm testing—We recommend this test for dogs and cats to detect a serious mosquito-borne parasite. Heartworm disease can be prevented with monthly medication in dogs with a confirmed negative test.
  • Screening for tick-borne diseases—Along with heartworm testing, we check dogs for exposure to several diseases common in our area, including Lyme disease (Borellia), ehrlichiosis, and anaplasmosis. Timely treatment can be addressed by medication or adjustments to diet and lifestyle.
  • Fecal examination—We perform this test at least annually for dogs and cats to detect gastrointestinal parasites (worms).
  • Parasite control—We prescribe regular parasite control medications to prevent both intestinal parasites (worms) and heartworms from contributing to animal and human health problems.

Exotic Pets Care

Even the most well-meaning pet owner has trouble spotting sickness in exotic pets. Many illnesses result unintentionally from inadequate husbandry, often due to inappropriate diet. Pet shops, where many exotic pets are obtained, do not always provide sufficient or proper care guidelines.

During the wellness visit, we teach you how to best care for your unique pet. Proper care significantly reduces the risk of illness and increases longevity. Ask for our animal care sheets for your pet’s species, follow the suggestions, and enjoy a long and happy relationship with your exotic pet.

Read more about pet wellness exams from The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

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