Nonsurgical Neutering
for Dogs

Charlie is Happy

Starting Thursday, May 22, 2014, Pound Ridge Veterinary Center will be bringing dog owners near New Canaan, Stamford, Ridgefield, Lewisboro and the New York and Connecticut borders the opportunity to participate in the revolutionary newly FDA approved neutering procedure with Zeuterin™.

Zeuterin™ is a non-surgical, pain-free alternative to traditional surgical castration. Zeuterin™, or zinc gluconate, is a combined solution of natural ingredients, zinc oxide, L-arginine and sterile water. The solution has been proven to sterilize 99.6% dogs by eliminating testosterone in male dogs that is required for sperm production. Zinc neutering permanently dissolves 50% of the testosterone, eliminating the dog’s ability to reproduce, while preserving other metabolic functions of the hormone.

This sterilization procedure eliminates the need for anesthesia and reduces the risks associated with its surgical alternative. The procedure can be completed by our veterinarians in a matter of minutes.

The Pound Ridge Veterinary Center has been serving the Pound Ridge Community since 1974. Zeutering appointments begin May 22. Schedule your appointment today by calling (914) 764–4644 for more information.

Zeuterin Informative Video

Discover Zeuterin™ Non-Surgical Neutering from Zeuterin on Vimeo.

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