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Skin issues are one of the most common reasons pets visit the veterinarian. These conditions are typically not life-threatening, but can be extremely uncomfortable. The most troublesome symptoms are relentless itching and scratching, upsetting for both pets and owners. Skin disorders may be the result of an infectious or non-infectious disease, parasitic infestation, or allergic reaction.

We’ll work with you to manage your pet’s skin condition, but to do our best we need to understand what is going on beneath the skin. Tests we recommend to diagnose skin disorders include: skin scrapings, fungal or bacterial cultures, cytology, and skin biopsies.


Allergy Testing

Like people, pets can develop allergic symptoms to certain substances. Common pet allergens include airborne pollens, food, mold spores, and house dust mites. Some pets react to flea bites or the saliva of other biting insects, too. The most common clinical signs are dermatologic, rashes or itching, recurrent ear problems, gastro-intestinal signs, and weight loss.

Dealing with allergies and other skin conditions is not always easy as symptoms may come and go. That’s why we aim to manage allergic symptoms by relieving the itching, vomiting, diarrhea, or discomfort. If the specific allergen can be identified, avoiding exposure helps tremendously. This is especially true for food allergies.

We will develop a treatment plan unique to your pet’s symptoms and allergens. This may include one or a combination of medications, hypersensitization therapy, and topical therapies.