40 Years of Keeping Pets Healthy

About Us

The Pound Ridge Veterinary Center has been a part of the Pound Ridge community since 1974, when Dr. Emil Dolensek, soon joined by Dr. Ed. Fleischli, opened the Pound Ridge Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Fleischli retired after 30 years of dedicated service to the animals and people of our community, and placed the practice in the hands of Drs. Laurel Kaddatz and Douglas Aspros, who gave it our current name.

Under new direction, the practice has continued to grow in capability while retaining the focus on service and compassion. Our associates, Drs. Renee Bayha, Christine Wilson, and Melissa Watson, contribute their skill, knowledge, and commitment to our patients and clients every day.

We are an accredited animal hospital, meaning we undergo detailed inspections to ensure we comply with the highest standards.

A Lifetime of Care for Your Pet

Whether you have a new puppy or a teenage cat, we hope your association with us will be a long and happy one. We will do our best each and every day to care for you and your animal companions.

Everyone at Pound Ridge Veterinary Center has experienced the unconditional love, steadfast loyalty, and companionship a pet offers. We know how troubling it can be when an animal is ill and how difficult it is to manage the physical and emotional effects of aging. We’re here to ensure that your companions receive the medical care they need and that you and your family have access to timely, sensitive, and appropriate advice when planning that care.

Honoring the Human–Animal Bond

Do you want the same level of care for your cat or dog as for a human family member? If so, you are not alone. Many of today’s generation of pet owners regard their pets as children.

Our highly qualified veterinarians and staff respect the affection and kinship you feel for your pet. We share those feelings every day with our own pets. It is our privilege to provide the care you would expect for any loved one, regardless of species.

Much has been written about how pets ease loneliness, foster social connections, and improve our health.

Pound Ridge Veterinary Center works with a variety of local humane organizations and enthusiastically supports a number of philanthropic activities, including the Hobbes scholarship for deserving veterinary students at Cornell University, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, and the locally based Pie Fund, which provides aid for critical veterinary cancer care to families who cannot otherwise afford it.

Hospital Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Since we are located on the New York and Connecticut border, we serve pets and families from New Canaan, Stamford, Ridgefield, Lewisboro,and more.

With our convenient office hours, the scope of services we provide, and our excellent veterinarians and staff, we make it easy to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Call us today at (914) 764–4644(914) 764–4644 to learn more and to schedule an appointment.

Accredited Care at Pound Ridge Veterinary Center

AAHA Accredited

Pound Ridge Veterinary Center enjoys the stamp of approval of two respected organizations: the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and New York State Veterinary Medical Society’s Veterinary Facility Accreditation Program (NYSVMS-VFAP).

Established in 1933, AAHA has set high standards for animal hospitals and pet health care ever since. Consultants regularly visit accredited hospitals to ensure compliance with standards for services and facilities. AAHA-accredited hospitals voluntarily choose to be evaluated on more than 900 standards that cover quality of care, diagnostic and pharmacy, management, medical records, and facility. The standards focus on the quality of care for patients.

The NYSVMS-VFAP standards offer New York veterinary hospitals a solid and practical foundation on which to evaluate their procedures. VFAP evaluators work with hospital owners to assess their facilities compliance with both standards of practice as well as state and federal regulations.

Accreditation helps our hospital stay on the leading edge of veterinary medicine and ensure that we provide the quality and range of services you and your pet deserve.